Rookie WR in Keeper League

I’m in a 14 team keeper league where each team keeps five players total, but is capped at keeping two RB and 3 WR/TE, and one of any other positions.

My keepers are Mixon, David Montgomery, Devante Parker, Calvin Ridley, and DJ Chark

I have the 1.01 and 1.10 picks. My plan has generally to take the best rookie RB based on results of the NFL draft with the first pick and the best player available, hopefully a WR, at 1.10.

Based on the reality that rookie WR usually take time to adjust to the NFL and develop into useful assets, what do people think about shying away from the rookie WR and planning to trade for them midseason when they don’t start off the season like the next Jerry Rice. The keeper league rules make it hard to keep for a team to keep a player who hasn’t shown the ability to produce yet, so if a rookie WR gets to the midseason point without producing, people may not anticipate keeping that player for next year and trade price could be cheap.

Or am I overthinking this?

You have solid keepers, I would take the top rb with your first pick then just take the best player regardless of position with your next pick, you don’t have to go in with a set position since you do have good keepers

Thanks, I agree with you. I guess my current idea is that I could trade the 1.01 for something like a later first round pick and next years first round pick. Or should I specifically avoid Jeudy or Riggs or Higgins on the assumption that somebody will think they are the next jerry rice and draft them highly, and I could probably trade for them mid year, or even draft them next season when they are not kept because they were not among the top five on their team.