Rookies for the long haul?

Hey Ballers! I need some Meatballs on my Mac’n’Cheese, please. Looking at Carson and Perine this week but I already have Cohen, Kamara, and Corey Davis with Mike Williams on the wire too. It’s been my experience that with most of the rookies will hit the wall and flame out during playoff time. With RBBC and such, is this the year to trust rookies through the fantasy playoffs? 10 team PPR Re-Draft League. Time to disclude some victories! Thanks!

I think the issue with rookies is that they just aren’t conditioned for the length of the NFL season and also the teams that get the best rookies are also the teams (primarily) that had the worst schedule the prior year and around FF playoff time - it might be more of a “we suck again lets not get our future stars injured for a hopeless season/game” than the rookies actually sucking. I would look at it more of which teams do you think need to compete around weeks 13-16 and what teams are having injury problems (I honestly think they way a team trains and conditions their players contribute to the players injury susceptibility, eg. teams losing multiple players around the same time in a given season like BAL this year).
I would worry about the health of Carson behind his o-line and Perine need to be the starter.

Thanks! That makes a lot of sense for sure. Nice takes!

Awesome Avatar too!