ROS, 1/2 PPR, who is better?! JUJU or

Juju or Smokey John Brown ROS? I lean Brown! Make me change my mind!

This stems from a trade proposal of Juju + SF RB for Smokey and James White in one league where I rostered Juju.

To me this is more about Juju for Brown, because I’d send Coleman for White and I see them being comparable with Coleman having the edge for more consistent running and having a larger share if Breida were to go down (and I have him too).

Bump. Is Juju for Smokey John Brown a bad deal? What value can you really get for Juju right now? What about Juju for Fuller, Larry Fitzgerald, DJ Chark, DJ Moore, DK Metcalf, Landry?

I’d take Chark over Juju then try to flip Chark if possible.

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Chark got snagged off waivers already. Would John Brown be fair value for Juju at this point? The situation in Pittsburgh is not good lol.