ROS Advice. RB for WR

10 Team, Full PPR - 2 QB, 3WR, 2RB, TE, Flex

My Team:
QB - Wilson, Dalton, Flacco,
WR - AJ Green, E Sanders, J. Brown (BAL), M.Williams, Fitz, Cobb.
RB - DJ, Mixon, Michel, Ingram, D.Henry
TE - Njoku

Most likely dropping henry for anything right now. I love my RBs but my WRs scare me. Should I make a trade for a top WR for 1 of my RBs. If so who? Should I not panic and ride it out?

Currently 3-2 and hopefully 4-2 if B.Martinez gets just 1 tackle. IDP league but that’s not important.

If you can make a significant upgrade at WR by packaging Michel or Ingram with Brown then yes; otherwise, keep your RB depth and don’t trade for the sake of trading.