ROS Allen, Fuller, Allison

I currently have Buck Allen and have been offered Fuller or Allison. This would be a bench spot maybe a flex depending on the week. A 12 team 0.5 PPR league.

Who would you rather have ROS?

Current Roster:
Qb: Showtime
RB: DJ, Sony, Lynch, Yeldon, Ronald Jones (stashed) might pick up Gio as a Stash instead.
WR: Dhop, woods, Gordon, Cobb, Taylor

I would do this trade, as you could probably use another receiver. If you can actually get Fuller that’s a steal and no brainer. Dude was a wr1 per game before last week and the Texans will have to pass a lot.

Fuller was my thought as well, just wasn’t sure with also having Dhop on my team.

Still worth it in my opinion. Can use either of them as trade bait as well.