ROS and Keeper: Ito Smith or David Moore

Full ppr. I have to drop either Ito Smith and David Moore. Thoughts?

It’s a keeper league. Both of these players would cost me a last round pick if I chose to keep them next season.

It seems David Moore is the only one with real keeper potential, but position scarcity at RB favors holding on to Ito, especially for ROS value.

Thoughts on who I should hold?

It’s whatever position you’re atruggling at this season. And whatever your league is like in terms of allowing for late season waiver options or if it’s all gone then. But I personally like Ito. Yes, I’m a fan, but he essentially splits with Tevin and I’d think Moore sees fewer guaranteed chances per game by a lot. Ito gets at a minimum 10 touches ROS basically, and he’ll likely be the same guy next season behind Freeman, but no longer a rookie. And I’d assume WR’a are more replaceable than RB’s.

BUT for big game potential — Ito is kind of useless. He isn’t gonna be getting you 30 points any time soon. Also Moore is a better argument in PPR and I’d almost change my mind.

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I’m definitely stronger at RB.

RBs: Gurley, Hunt, Breida, Aaron Jones, Krampus (Doug Martin), and Ito.

WRs: Keenan, Sammy Watkins, Larry Fitz, Marquise Goodwin, DJ Moore, and David Moore.

The league allows waiver adds pretty late in the season.