Ros bell or kamara

This is a perspective from which bell comes back week 7 or 8 whichever it is. And it is starting from that week. How will they compare.

Kamara. Mainly cause Bell will be rusty and will need to get into NFL shape which usually takes like 2-3 weeks (like last year). So Kamara gonna have a 2-3 week lead.

If it was fully ramped Bell, I’d take him.

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Hmmm ok the Kamara owner is looking to trade him.
Would bell, edleman, and fitz boyd Landry fuller buy KAMARA or should I offer higher.

That is like WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too many pieces. It depends on his roster. But you’re basically selling the house, the farm and your kids. On apure value basis, it might be ther ebut as a kamara owner, my team is probably pretty good and i wouldn’t want to add so many pieces just for one.

Not sure how your team would even survive a trade like that. Boyd, landry, fuller, bell and maybe even edelman are all potential starters.

I would start with Bell + Landry + Fuller for Kamara + some depth pieces back.

Lol the ones group at the end are all like options to switch in and out.

Oh okay so then start with Bell + Edelman + Landry.

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Ok thanks man. Appreciate the input.