ROS Ceedee or Hopkins?

Who would you take ROS Full PPR??!?

I would go with Hopkins.

oh really… cause i got offered hopkins for my lamb… HMMMMMmmm

Right now Hopkins is trending down on targets to around 100 with Kyler spreading the ball around. I think he’s still better option but I don’t expect him to have a huge 1500 yard year like in the past.

would you trade ceedeee for him?

I’d consider it but it might not be much different at the end of the day.

Right now Cowboys defense is looking better than many expected so instead of being down they are staying up and running the clock more. If that continues Lamb’s overall season value might dip too. I think if it were my team I would hold a few weeks and see what shakes out. They have been trying to take care of Diggs in Dallas secondary and manage his reps. They pulled him when they were up big and two of the Panthers td passes came after that. If he misses any time I suspect better game scripts for Lamb. I don’t see Kyler quitting spreading the ball around.

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yea i think ill hold on to him. His scedule looks good later with lots of shootout games. And i dont seen the cowboys keeping up with their defense like they are now. Diggs a baller tho.