ROS - Corey Davis or KJ osborn

KJ still on waivers. Who do you like more ROS? Would you drop any of these other guys below the line?

Scary terry


KJ Osborn or Hamler??

Either way I don’t think I’d drop Corey Davis. Yeah Week 2 was hot garbage, but it wasn’t Davis fault and Belicheck has always dominated rookie QBs. I don’t expect Wilson to throw 4 INTs every week. I do expect him to feed targets to Davis like he did in Week 1


Adding onto this, Corey Davis is already higher in the pecking order than either KJ.

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Forgot about hamler lol, was talking Osborn.

Trying not to over think that last game but didn’t know if yall saw him as a potential upgrade down the road.

Appreciate the feedback!

I like him too (if my avatar was a give away), but someone else pointed out he is somewhat filling in for the injured Irv Smith. You can kind of think of him as a TE. He is def someone to keep your eyes on, but Jefferson, Thielen, and Cook are all likely reads ahead of him.