ROS Dede or Auden Tate

Who is better to have rest of season Auden Tate or Dede Westbrook

Auden Tate.

PPR? may make a difference

ROS schedule matchups for WRs is heavily in favor of Dede (JAX- 3rd, CIN - 14th)

Dede has Foles back, who reportedly favors him. Tate will be with a rookie QB, and have to compete with Green when he returns.

I have both but prefer Dede by far (have Green, looking to dump Tate). Dede also has more games with higher scores, and averages more per game played.

Standard. It sounds like green isn’t coming back this season I thought.

I’m probably leaning Dede. I like the potential upside of foles coming back. I don’t see his targets going down so to me there is only upside if he comes back healthy.