ROS: Dede vs McLauren vs A Tate

PPR, how do you rank these 3 ROS all things considered. Looking at making some trades involving these 3, so interested in knowing which has the best trade and ROS value

If Kennum is the starter then I think McLaurin is the best option. Issue is if Keenum gets hurt again, twice already, his value basically goes to 0 because Haskins is awful.

Out of the other two I lean Dede. Tate has been better but rumors are that there is a good chance AJ Green comes back after the bye. If that happens I can’t see Tate being of much value.

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So assuming Keenum’s health:


Now who has the best trade value right now, vs who should I hold on to? (I also have AJ Green so that makes Tate the most tradeable I think)

I’d try to trade Tate and hope the person you are trading with hasn’t heard about AJ Green coming back. He has put up good numbers, but with Green coming back I think that diminishes his value quite a bit.

Yeah, and it’s not necessarily guaranteed Green comes back and takes over, so that keeps Tate viable (but just in case I have Green anyways)

I think Dede is the safest ROS (Terry has injury at QB, and Tate has Green) so I’ll hold onto him, and offer the other 2 up