ROS: Dez Bryant or McKinnon?

Standard league

McKinnon. He’s been an RB1

I agree. I have McKinnon and debate playing him over Shady or Gordon on a few games. Just keep in mind that Zeke is about to be out so Dak will have to throw a bit more. That’s good for Dez but I don’t think it’s to much.

Depends on your team. As a flex McKinnon for upside

Agree with McKinnon…don’t know that I trust Dez’s ankle injury this week. Might be nothing…might be major. At this point…till we hear further…am iffy on Dez!!!

To follow up…reports hint that Dez’s ankle injury might be a “high ankle injury”…if so…NOT GOOD!!!

McKinnon, he is a RB1 ROS, Dez could miss a couple weeks!