ROS Engram or Andrews

Better ROS TE. Entertaining the idea of possibly trading away Brandin Cooks for one of them. Current WRs are Woods, Cooks, Marquise, Mike Williams, Agholor. Have Lamar at QB as well. Current TE is Ebron. Standard scoring.

hard to say without seeing how daniel jones uses engram, initially, id say Andrews due to volume and quality of targets thru 2 weeks. 17 targets thru 2 weeks… and 16 catches

Right, i think Jones can’t be any worse than Eli and Engram should see targets regardless because of their scheme and who’s available for pass catchers. But assuming Andrews is safer, Cooks straight up for Andrews worth it? I’d be stacking Lamar, Marquise, and Andrews.

maybe get andrews and then sell hollywood, people will go for it and maybe upgrade at rb.

i like all pieces of the ravens though, but that is a lot to stack on one team, regardless of output, you live and die by them.

i just reaaaly like andrews moving forward and there are more options to start week to week at the other skilled positions and less top end TE’s

Selling of Coos and Hollywood would leave me fairly thin at WR I think. Not exactly deep at RB behind Zeke.

That’s fair to say, what are your wr waivers looking like? Would it be worth it to upgrade TE with trade, slightly downgrade wr to upgrade rb trade and scoop a good waiver guy at wr?

Does that make sense? I’m driving lol

That’s asking a lot tho,

Waiver WRs followed by roster…