ROS Fuller or Gallup

Who do you guys lean for the rest of the season? I think I lean Gallup.

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Good question. Made me look back. I read a quote that Fuller is an “over qualified #2”. I think that’s accurate. He had a career day. Those don’t happen every week. In fact in the four weeks prior he topped 10 points once and the other weeks he didn’t reach even reach 10. Gallup is a bigger piece of DAL than I expected. I thought Cobb would be a better Beasley. That hasn’t happened. In his 3 games Gallup is averaging almost 20 pts/game with a ton of targets. Opportunity=volume=production.

I was in the same conundrum last week and dropped Fuller for Gallup and Fuller went off, but I still think Gallup will have higher floor than Fuller for ROS.

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I picked up Fuller, played him, and still lost last week. Scored 183 points and lost by less than a point…ouch.

I was just trying to decide if trying to trade Fuller for Gallup and sell high was a smart option. I know Gallup had a big week too, but not a 50 point week.

I’m going to try to do Fuller for Gallup straight up and see if he bites.

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Wait. You said you dropped Fuller for Gallup. Next post you said you started Fuller and lost? Two different leagues?

2 Different people.

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Doh! Your badges are the same color, lol. It threw me off sorry😂