ROS: Jeffrey or Ridley?

My league mates just got into a heated argument because of this, so im coming to you to settle that.
In a standard 12-team league, would you rather have rest of season:
Alshon Jeffery
Calvin Ridley

For me is alshon, but some of my friends believe calvin is going to keep catching 2 or 3 touchdowns every game. Your thoughts?

Tough call to say for sure Ridley’s production doesn’t seem sustainable but they do have a decimated defense that is going to be calling for Atlana to throw the ball 40 times a game so there is a chance he keeps putting up the numbers.

Personally I have finally steered clear of Jeffery after 5 seasons. The guy is constantly on the injury report for soft tissue issue and is always nicked up. If healthy Jeff can be a real force. I think the production of these two wide outs are going to be pretty comparable to high end to Mid WR2 production.

Alshon. Pretty simple. He has the better quarterback and is the #1 receiver

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Talent Alshon. ROS Ridley. Atlanta’s D will only get worse. Going to be lots of shootouts and garbage time for Ridley and he will only get better. The TD fluke will end but his targets will go up.

Ridley’s TD’s are definitely not sustainable. I would take Alshon if I knew he would be healthy. Because I don’t and I don’t like drafting players with injury risks (I don’t have Freeman or Alshon on any teams), I would definitely prefer Ridley ROS on my rosters.

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Now, do you think Alshon is a reasonable trade candidate to acquire Ridley, or vice versa?

i think so