ROS - JuJu or Mike Williams

Full PPR… who would you rather have ROS. JUJU or Mike Williams?

I will go Juju. Ben ability to move the ball deep looks to have diminished quite a bit. Juju will in my opinion be a large part of the gameplan.

Mike Williams I think has the potential to be a monster though but you’re rolling the dice on injuries with him.

Juju is the safer option in my opinion. But if you need a home run then Williams is the guy to gamble on.

Anybody can get hurt. Williams has the offensive system around him now to put up the kind of year they were hoping for when they drafted him in the 1st round a few years ago.

We’re not talking about your WR1 here; both were drafted as bench depth–but Williams has WR1 upside. Juju really does not. Take the shot.

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Mike Williams. He’s going to be great unless he gets injured. Juju seems like a replaceable asset.

Æ™, I.O.U.!

Mike Williams gambling on him staying healthy of course. He’s on a contract year, his limitation in the past has been his targets and health, he’s getting the targets + he’s currently healthy = top 20 WR.