ROS: Keep 1, sell 1: Elijah Mitchell or Michael Carter

Standard scoring. If I was interested in shopping 1 which you think has most value rest of season and who do you think is more of a sell high

What format are you in? I’m all in on Mitchell but the passing volume from Carter is incredible and raises his floor so high.

If any type of PPR I’m selling Mitchell but ultimately I’d take the best trade offer for both. Mitchell may have more value simply as he’s not on the Jets.

for all intents and purposes standard. I have been begging for PPR and all I could negotiate was 0.2 PPR. I am also considering holding both of them. My only other RBs are Aaron Jones and the Dillon handcuff (you only have to start 1 RB then there is a W/T, W/R, W/R/T. Think I would only trade 1 in a package to move up a tier. leaves me too thin at RB if I trade one of them away and don’t get a RB in return I think.

I have both player in my PPR 10 team league, I also have A Jones.

I’m keeping both cuz I’m playing one of them in my flex spot.

If you want to keep one, I would keep M. Carter even in your 0.2 PPR because he is use in both type of yardage