ROS Levon Bell or Nick Chubb

I have Chubb and have had talks with the Lev Bell owner and he is willing to do some swapping, i dont trust Chubb with Hunt’s returning looming and the Jets have a great schedule. half PPR

The bell owner is in the basement @ 0-7 im in 8th out of 12 but only 1 game out of a play off spot

I had CMC, Chubb, and Bell and decided to trade away Chubb for that reason. I needed a WR upgrade, and I like Bell down the stretch. I pushed the button knowing I could be dead wrong, but that’s the risk we play for!

good lord how did you end up with CMC Chubb and Bell??? all 3 of those guys went in the top 15 of every draft i did!

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I traded for Bell during his bye week. Drafted CMC at the 2 and took Chubb at 19

nothing wrong with that!