ROS: Marshawn Lynch, Jamaal Williams or Kenyan Drake

It’s half-PPR. I’ve had Lynch all year, but rarely used him. I just need to see if I can upgrade my bench in case something happens to my starters so I don’t have any particular week in mind that I might use them.


I should also throw Demarco Murray in here, but I like his matchups if not how his usage has been trending. Would you drop Lynch or Murray for Williams or Drake?

I would def try and get williams. But there is no one else you can drop besides murray and Lynch. Both are just ok yes but i would hate to drop either. If i had a gun to my head i would say murray as he is trending down. but i don’t know if he is trending down fast enough to totally let henry take over before playoffs are finished

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I could drop Greg Olsen and go without a backup TE. Someone dropped Engram and I was going to drop Olsen anyway, but without Eli I don’t know about Engram. My main TE is Gronk so I’d only sit him with an injury. Sort of makes sense to get Williams just to keep him from everyone else. Thanks for your input.

Boy, I don’t like Williams’ schedule. I wish I had more confidence in the Packers offense. At least he should get a great share of the work.

Yeah but don’t forget, of those 3 running backs Williams is the only one who will have to share. Ty plays this week and most likely ros.