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ROS Martin or Ingram


Looking to trade one of the for a top WR, just not sure which is going to be better ROS. Who should I keep?


Standard or ppr?


I wanna hear what people say. I have both also and would like to possibly upgrade at WR too.

I’m feeling a little more secure about Martin because I don’t see Jacquizz Rogers as a threat to take his job, but Alvin Kamara could take snaps from Ingram, especially in some matchups. But I was encouraged that even with Kamara, Ingram got a few targets.

Both are past their bye weeks so when you decide which one to trade, that should be a selling point.


Right, I was also very intrigued because I am debating on offering my martin for ingram. A little annoying because my league probably would veto, but in my honest opinion I would prefer martin anyway (I’m in ppr btw). Both are very good options, I’m just afraid that the saints will be using kamara a bit more now.


I consulted the ROS rankings at Fantasy Pros today. In a half-PPR, they have Martin #9 and Ingram #10. I don’t see how any league could veto that trade.


There are a few things working against me… I won the league last year, I’m 6-0, my team is “overpowered”, and the kid trading away ingram is 1-5 and has hit every bump in the road this year (lost dj and cook).

And my leaguemates are dumb.


I am in the same boat as you with this trying to flip martin as the better back as he has no one to share with. but think Ingram will be the better back


I just flipped Martin for Julio Jones. Hopefully it doesn’t get vetoed what do you guys think. I offered Ingram was countered for Martin so I accepted it. It seems Ingram and Martin will be close ROS and I believe Julio is still a wr1. Let me know what you guys think