ROS: Miles Sanders or Kareem Hunt (Full PPR)

It’s being said that Sanders won’t be missing any time. Based on that, who would you pick up off waivers for ROS? I’m looking a little down the line for a good fill-in during Carson’s Week 11 bye and Cook’s Week 12 bye. I also have Gore and Mattison if that helps. Thanks in advance.

I’d rather have Sanders over both Gore and Mattison (although you need Mattison since you have Cook). I would rather have Sanders than Hunt just because we know how he is going to be used. His volume isn’t great 8-12 touches a game, but we at least know he is going to be used. We have no idea what Hunt’s role will be.

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Does the schedule factor in for you? Sanders has NE and SEA Week 11/12, respectively, while Hunt has PIT and MIA those weeks.

Also, while you’re right about already knowing what we’ll get with Sanders, I thought I’d read that the plan was for Hunt to be the 3rd down/change of pace RB, but of course we won’t know that for certain until we see him in an actual game.

Pitt is better than Seattle’s defense. Seattle’s defense has actually been very friendly to opponent’s RB’s. And Chubb chewed up NE’s run defense last week. That is the one kind of weak spot of the NE defense is the run defense.

Chubb is getting 15-20 carries a week. I have my doubts that they are going to scale that back much, not like hes getting 20-30 a week and they are riding him super hard. I would guess Hunt will get 5-10 touches a game. Just a guess though.

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