ROS Outlook Sterling vs. Claypool

What are we thinking about the rest of the season outlook between Sterling Sheperd and Chase Claypool. Is there one you would value over the other? Chase obviously seems to have much more upside, but with the way Daniel Jones has been targeting Sheperd, it’s hard for me to tell which of the two will have a better season. Any thoughts?

Shepherd has been the beneficiary of the injury-marred starts for Barkley, Golladay and Engram. Once he stops getting all the targets by default, he probly won’t retain starter value.

That said, Claypool will probly be a marginal starter all year too; Ben doesn’t look like his old self and as much as everyone blames the O-line for Najee’s slow start, it isn’t doing the passing game any favors either.

I think you’re right, Claypool has more upside–but I don’t know that either one will be particularly consistent, even if Shepard might be the better start for the next couple of weeks.