ROS Penny or Burkhead

Hey everyone, I’m in a 0.5 ppr league and want to improve my running back group. I have Conners, Kerryon Johnson, Linsday, Brieda, Mccoy and Penny. I’m on the fence if I should drop Penny for Burkhead…has Burkhead has been producing and Penny is more/less a backup to Carson. Wasn’t sure if I should make the move or stay pat. My ultimate goal is to beat the waiver wire. Thanks for the help!

Bump up for help

Personally I would stay. I’d much rather take the chance with Penny becoming the starter in Seattle where Burkhead will always be in that weird time share where it may or may not go his way each week. This is coming from a Chris Carson owner btw

I love Sexy Rexy but I think Penny is the right play here. Penny should get 10-15 touches when healthy and Carson will continue with his workload in this run-first offense. In NE you’re waiting for an injury (or birth of a child) for Rex to become a weekly flex play.

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