ROS RB Decision

10 team. 1/2ppr. I have the following RB’s:
C. Carson
L. Fournette
M. Gordan
A. Ekeler
J. White
T. Coleman

Teams in this league dropped some good RB’s this week. I’m debating if i should drop James White for one of the following available RB’s: D. Singletary, J. Howard, Ronald Jones, A. Mattison.

I’m currently 6-0 in this league so i don’t need an immediate starter. I like James White consistent floor but NE’s backfield shares the load too much and Burkhead will make that worse when he comes back as well. After watching the Chargers game last week, I want to rage drop A. Ekeler but I’m probably going to wait a couple weeks to do so if the Chargers running game doesn’t improve.

Any suggestions?

I’d grab singletary. Gordon seems like a you have to give a full workload to be productive so not sure how ekeler is going moving forward. He’d be the only one I’d drop. Any wr or carrying two qb/te/def?


here is my team. I don’t have any wr’s that i can drop. I picked up Josh Allen for Lamar Jacksons bye week coming up next week.

I think you could drop Watkins but you’re slim at wr. Maybe pair a couple RBs to get a solid wr to a guy that has one to spare.

crazy that cook owner doesn’t have mattison. Id grab singletary out of all of them.

Now that Mahomes is out for 3weeks min, I think i can drop Watkins