ROS RB help!

So, I have bell and hunt and unfortunately, I am starting to panic about Hunt… L. Murray, S. Perine, O. Darkwa and A. Collins are all available in the waiver this week. Who do you guys think has the highest floor and maybe could turn out to be a stud?

Thank you!

Darkwa has been solid and would be my top pick up, even on his worst day he will get you 8+ points. Murray and collins share the backfield.

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First, I would not panic at all. The volume is there, keep rolling him out. I cant imagine benching him down the stretch. I would go w Perine or Darkwa. I think both floors will be solid. Cousins is in a bit of a groove so that offense should keep moving and Perine should have no problem getting 20 touches.
Good Luck!

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Yea no deff not benching hunt… yet… but yea I was thinking Perine or Darkwa. I think I’ll go with Darkwa due to the better schedule going forward

I would go Perine if I were you. He has nobody to share the backfield with and the Giants will play from behind a lot, which means Vereen will get more work. Washington has a good offense which will allow Perine to run the ball 20+ times a game.

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I’d go with Perine as well, just due to the fact that he will definitely be a workhorse. Are you playoff bound or on the brink?

perine. no one else there and it’s a good offense

Perine for sure then Darkwa for some high floor points.

I need to win one of the last two weeks… Pray for me

God speed man

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