ROS rb question

I am dropping W. Smallwood and am looking to pick up one of these guys for ROS.

D. Henry
R. Penny
R. Freeman
T. Reddick

I don’t want to chase numbers but Rashad Penny looked so good yesterday.

Personally, I would probably go after R. Freeman. I almost grabbed him off waivers but McCoy did pretty good yesterday so now I’m hoping he does that a couple more times this season.

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Freeman is probably the most talented but with Lindsay being so good I doubt he gets enough time to be relevant. I kind of view him as a bad handcuff.

W/ Tate being gone it’s looking like riddick is taking those short passes. In PPR he may have some value.

Henry will always be the goal line go to for the titans this season. He will probably always be TD dependent.

Personally, im not buying into penny. It looked like a lot of running in open space. Im not convinced that he’s going to keep it up. Other problem is that when Carson gets back you have no idea what the split will be. Carson will get his, but it’s up in the air for the other two.


I think Penny is a good running back on a run heavy team, but Carson will be back soon here and there are too many mouths to feed. I think I would go Royce Freeman. None of these guys are starts right now.