ROS Roster - Is this Good enough or what moves should I try

10 man 1/2 pt PPR league i’m blessed to have made it to 9-0 and i’m looking ROS outlook heading into playoffs to see if barring another change if this seems like it’s set enough to stay put.

QBs - Alex Smith and Jared Goff (had watson and well ACLs suck)
WR - Diggs, Hopkins, Benjamin, C. Davis, Watkins (watkins on bubble pending Ertz IR hold)
RB - Hunt, Gurley, Gordon, Duke, Darkwa
TE - Ertz, Kroft
D/ST - Lions
K - Lutz

I realize with Hopkins status change WR is in flux but I don’t know that I can make a solid trade at this point that really improves much. Also not sure if I should hold Kroft as safety for Ertz going into playoffs or target a second D/ST (Rams).