ROS Ryan tannehill or Big Ben

Hey guys,
After 3 years I finally clinched the playoffs and I am super psyched. My current quarterback is Big Ben (after losing Dax) and Ryan tannehill is on my waiver wire. Wasn’t sure if I should drop Big Ben for tannehill (seems like he has better matchups coming up) or just leave all alone. Basically what I’m asking is who would you prefer rest of season Big Ben or tannehill. Thanks for the help

I lean Tannehill.

Tannehill has JAX, DET, and GB for most league playoffs.

While Big Ben has BUF, CIN, IND.

On paper, Tannehill has the easier match ups for the playoffs.

Agreed. I’d add that the Titans have an absolute terrible defense so tannehill will have to put points on the board

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Forgot to mention that I have dionte Johnson…is it worth to keep Big Ben for the stack or is it not good enough to hold onto him? Thanks for the help guys

In the playoffs don’t worry about a “stack”. If Tannehill outscores Ben it doesn’t matter you had a stack, start your best player in the best matchup.

I think Ben will score more in week 14 but Tannehill in weeks 15 and 16. Steelers can’t run the ball right now and will need to score against buffalo. I’d keep Ben if you have a need at other positions.