ROS standard league.. Kamara or Ingram? Help

Simple question… Who do you like more REST OF SEASON. I’m a lock for the playoffs and playing for a bye.

Ingram last 4 games - 12,8,31,21
Kamara last 4 games- 13,25,19,19

Overall season points
Ingram 143
Kamara -132

I know there so close but who ya got?

Standard hppr ppr?

@Romophobic_Dezaster look at the title of the post :wink:

OH my bad haha. Ingram for sure then. Kamara upside comes from his receptions.

I am not as convinced as you. That being said, Kamara is definitely more valuable in a PPR. But, if you look at those numbers in the last 4 games and break them down further. Ingram and Kamara both have 5 TDs in the last 4 games.
Last 4 games:
Igram- averaging just under 17 carries and about 2.5 receptions
Alvin- averaging about 9.5 carries and about 5 receptions
I would say it is all based upon game script. Seeing as Kamara basically stayed on the field since he is the pass catcher for the last few drives while they had to make up ground against Washington. Although that still didn’t stop Ingram from busting a TD earlier in the game when they were down big. So at the end of the day, to me, it is nearly impossible for me to pick because they both have shown to be fairly productive no matter the game script. I have been expecting some TD regression from them. It may be more likely that Alvins TDs regress in the passing catching game rather than Ingrams rushing TDs. So if I had to choose one I guess I would lean to Ingram in a standard. Alvin for sure wins out in my opinion in a keeper style league.