ROS TE Ranks

I have Engram, but only have room on my bench for 1 TE. Thinking of dropping Engram for Kittle, Cook, Njoku or Eifert this week. Drop Engram and stream?

Kittle is your best ROS TE there. I think Engram is worth hanging on to but if you def can’t make room for him for a few weeks, I’d take Kittle even with the QB change. Otherwise, Eifert has the best matchup in Atlanta.

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I would drop Engram. I generally don’t like having 2 TEs on my roster unless it is just to cover for a bye week…
Out of the 4 TEs you listed, I actually like Njoku the best for ROS now that Baker Mayfield is the QB…

Depends on your record. If you’re 3-0, then can hang on to engram for his return. Otherwise would drop for Kittle or Njoku.

All a crap shoot right now. Giants offense showed signs of life last game and have a good match up, but if you only want to roster one guy then you could stream. I like Eifert this week and I think Njoku could get a bump under Mayfield.

Eiffert this week. Vegas highest slated game with a 53 total he has looked healthy and returning to form. Green should play, Boyd should draw targets, John Ross is a decoy. Ben Watson posted 5 for 70 vs this ATL D in a similar betting line.

I’d have to go back to 2017 and see how Kittle’s numbers were with CJ Bethert… he threw mainly short passes and Carlos Hyde was the main benefactor with 50 catches. So Kittle might be in good shape to catch a bunch from CJ.

Njoku… well were not quite sure yet what were going to get there. Callaway drew 10 targets, landry caught 8 balls and Clevland’s D is pretty solid so it could limit his chances with those two getting the target share. (SEE STATS BELOW)

Personally I hold Engram until one of these options becomes more viable, but don’t hesitate to drop Engram if you absolutely need the spot but he’s worth a bench spot for now IMO.

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Baker’s number one target his 2017 season with Oklahoma was his Tight end Mark Andrews… just saying.

Also forgot that Kittle was CJ Betheart’s roomate in college. guy’s are bud’s

Is there no way to keep Engram and stream TEs until he’s back?

I do agree that Mayfield will look to his TE and that Kittle will continue to be important for SF’s offense.

But consider this a vote for Eifert for more than this week; CIN has a good TE friendly schedule going forward and his talent is undeniable. He’s a scary proposition due to his intimate familiarity with the infirmary, but when he has managed to stay upright and off the cart, he has been the recipient of quite a bit of favor from Dalton.

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I tried making room on my roster with a 2 for 1 trade, but it didn’t happen (Breida and Jones for Ty Hilton). My bench consists of Lindsey, Breida, Marvin Jones, Kerryon Johnson, Corey Davis and Baldwin. I’m not ready to drop those players so I did drop Engram today for Eifert…but it didn’t feel good. I’m 1-2 and need a win. I lost Mckinnon and Baldwin early on.