ROS: Trey Burton or OJ Howard?

10 team league, standard, I have Howard. Trey Boo Boo is on the waiver wire and I’ve got priority. Thanks footclan! Looking for rest of season recommendations.

I like Burton slightly more, but it might be better to save your priority for another position since you have TE covered?

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I owned them both and dropped Burton in favor of OJ. The week after, Burton blows up. I still like OJ remainder of this season. He is more talented with a QB that favors the TE more than Trubisky does. JMO

I would save the waiver priority - look to use it on a guy who is going to make a bigger impact

Oops, I posted too quickly. I’m burning my priority on Nick Chubb (over Latavious even tho I own Dalvin Cook bc I’m 6-1 and thinking longer term investment).

But I’m waking up early to see if Burton is available. If he is, the swap would be for Howard, hence my ROS mindset (only rostering one TE).