ROS Value Player to Drop

.5ppr 12 team league; You start 1QB, 3 WRs, 2RBs, 1TE, and a Flex

My team is as follows:

QBs: Mahomes, Winston
WRS: A. Brown, Cooks, Godwin, Funchess, Tre’Quan Smith (stash)
RBs: Mixon, Cohen, L. Murray, Smallwood, J. Allen, D. Lewis
TEs: Ebron, Burton

I need to drop someone on my team to sign a kicker today, but I’m not sure who. It’s probably Tre Smith, but I feel like with Ginn out he’s going to gain lots of value in that offense. I’d prefer one of the RBs, but I’m not sure which one if I did. Let me know who you think I should drop!