ROS Watson or newton

Hey guys,
I’m currently the fantasy owner of cam newton but am thinking about offering him to the owner of deshaun Watson, as he is a big patriots fan. Just wanted to see who you thought would do better for the rest of the season. Thanks!

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I think it’s a fine trade, they both have top 10 Upside so it’s really a lateral move and a matter of preference. I think it comes down to how your league handles scoring, if QB rushing TD’s get you more points then Cam > Watson, but if not i don’t think you can go wrong.


Take your record into account here. If you are down in your league then it’s a good trade. Watson has some nice matchups coming up. If you don’t need wins right now I would hold on to Cam. He will have good matchups in the playoffs.

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I’m sitting at 0-3 now and you both brought up some good points. Thanks for the help!