ROS who would you rather have?

I have Dak & Kirk with Luck on IR. Planned to trade one of the first to so I can bolster my line up, which one should I trade, and what caliber of player should I target?

What does you’re lineup look like? Need a RB or WR? Target the A. Rodgers owner, a quarterback will be more valuable to that person. It depends on you’re roster, and talk to the owner, and maybe they will have an opinion as to who is tradable, and target a player you like/need to help you’re team.

I would Keep Dak ROS he seems like he will turn the ball over less than Cousins. As far as a traget, Cousins value can get you a lowend RB1 highend RB2 and same goes for WR

The Rodgers owner also has Zeke. Is Kirk for Zeke a smart deal? Current lineup:

Lev Bell
D Martin
D Baldwin
K Hogan
D Thomas

M Bryant

My though was flip McKinnon for a Wr2 potentially to add depth

I personally dont like Zeke ROS. There is honestly too much going on with his impending suspension. If you want to live on the edge and feel like you are locked for the playoffs without either of those players the by all means. I like the Idea of flipping McKinnon.

Does the owner have a top 5 type receiver? You have a lot of depth. I like going 2 for 1, pair Dak or Kirk with Mckinnon (Maybe even try to toss in Martavis) to try to get yourself a Hopkins/Julio/Evans type?

He has Cobb Crabtree M Wallace E Sanders. Not really top level guys. I offered Kirk & Mixon for Zeke and Sanders, will see what he thinks