ROS - who would you want?

Kenyan Drake or Alex Collins?

Amari Cooper or Allen Robinson?

Drake and Cooper for me, but it’s closer than I would’ve said even last week

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I would go with Drake and Cooper as well


ok… what If I said the trade was Cooper and Collins for ARob and Drake?

I would take the ARob-Drake side of that trade, but that’s just gut reaction, I would wanna do some research.


Scoring format?

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1/2 point PPR

I agree, depends on scoring format. I would probably say Drake and Cooper especially in PPR.

trade is Collins and Cooper for Drake and ARob.

Sorry, Drake and ARob. Drake will get the catches and probably start running away from Gore with the job, (Gase doesn’t hate Drake whereas Harbaugh would rather gouge his eyes out than trust Collins), and ARob will get most of the targets for his team so he will be a good WR2. I think anyway

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Drake and ARob seems like the better end of the deal


I hoped this was the answer lol. I wanted to trust Cooper this year but I have owned him before and wellllll lets just say I havent felt like I could trust him in the regular season.

I woudl give the slight edge to Drake/ARob. Cooper has a higher ceiling w/ Gruden/Carr but he will still struggle to be consistent. Drake>Collins…I don’t like the RB situation in Baltimore since Harbaugh is determined to make it an RBBC

I agree with Drake and ARob. ARob gets a ton of looks from Trubisky and Drake>Collins for now

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