ROS WR *Please help I’m too indecisive*

Tied for first in a 10 team PPR league with a record of 6-2.

WR are all over the place and there is plenty of potential/risk players: Keenan Allen and Michael Thomas who I think are automatic starts and then on my bench I have Funchess, Sterling Shepard, JuJu Smith-shooster, and TY Hilton. I want to pick up Pittburghs defense (amazing playoff schedule) I have Seattle’s D currently and want both to pick and choose during playoffs.

Here is the rest of my team
QB: Deshaun Watson and Kirk Cousins

RB: hunt and bell that after this week I will not bench (unless injured). Jay Ajayi, Alex Collins and in my IR spot Danny Woodhead

TE: Jimmy Graham

Kicker: Succup

Please help me I am very indecisive and the decision seems hard to me

Maybe trade Kirk and a WR for a nice WR2 as ur flex…

Golden Tate?