ROS Zeke or Saquon?

Was offered this trade with the handcuff included as well. I think Saquon can finish the year off better than Zeke but the last few weeks for Saquon haven’t been very confidence boosting. Who should I have on my team?

ROS schedules

GB, @Phi, Mia, @Wash

Buf, @Chi, LAR, @Phi

Its tough, Daniel Jones just isnt dumping passes off to the RB like Manning did. Obv Saquons schedule is a dream but Zeke is matchup proof imo. Based on current production id stick with Zeke

Thanks for the thoughts. Everyone else think the same?

oh full disclosure im a saquon owner who might be tilting a little

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I say keep Zeke if it is a PPR league. Barkley isn’t getting used in the passing game because of his shoulder problems. Barkley has the better schedule but just isn’t elite this year with that O line and his injuries

Only 1/2ppr

Zeke for sure. Saquon has always been dependent on huge plays. He’s a bust without them.