ROSS QB question

I have Wentz, but someone in my league has offered a trade that involves me getting Wilson.

What would you do? I’m in a standard league.

The trade is my Wentz, Julio and Hunt for Gurley, tyreek hill and Wilson.


Russell Wilson has the Jacksonville & LA Rams week 4 13 and 14 Wentz has Rams then Giants. Push

At this point in time I rather have Gurley than Hunt. If Andy Reid stop being cute and give hunt the ball more that I rather have hunt.

Julio over hill. Hill has been as you may have heard from the podcast is up and down.

It’s tough It’s pretty much an even trade the tote for me would be if I was guaranteed and locked in for the playoff then I would keep Wentz you can probably do Julio and girly for hunt and Hill and the other owner will probably accept it without the quarterback inclusion

I’m not locked in and that’s the issue. I’ve been 2nd pretty much all season and now I’ve lost a few in a row and looks like tonight I’ll lose too.

Might do the trade without a QB.

My other WR are Baldwin, parker, Corey Coleman and Dede Westbrook.
Other RB are Howard, drake, woodhead and crowel.

I’m looking to offload the dolphins in waivers

I would hold what you have personally. I like Wentz better and expect Hunt to get back on track