Roster 2 QB

Hey everyone,
I have Wentz and rivers. At this point im starting rivers, thought i would use him during my bye weeks. Well now i have realized when wenzt plays Denver rivers is on bye rivers plays JAX on his bye should i drop rivers and just steam the position? everyone in the leagues roster 2 Qb. so the wires is thin

do you all like wentz ROS?

Wentz is a must start each week, in terms of playing matchups and byes look for Tyrod Taylor on waivers. The bills schedule lines up perfectly with the Eagles. Week 9- Wentz vs. Denver Tyrod plays the Jets… week 10 Wentz Bye Tyrod plays at home vs the saints. And week 13 Wentz plays at Seattle and Tyrod plays home vs the Patriots. Wentz is my starter ROS but I did pickup Tyrod this week. If Tyrod isn’t available Jameis Winston has a nice schedule for Wentz tough weeks and has very little value right now and should be easy to get, maybe even a straight up Rivers for Winston if Tyrod isn’t on waivers. Hope this helps!

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Forgot to mention you get an extra 10 points for 300 passing yards

right now available Qb’s are Kizer, bortles, goff, Siemian, keenum, brisket, mccown, flaco. if i drop River i should just stream a filp the coin?

You can get by easily streaming with those options.

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@RyanDelaney thanks for the help