Roster Advice - Playoff Ready?

Worked hard trading and wavering to get this squad, am I ready to make a run? I’m 5-5 now, Been a tough week losing Bell and Kupp.

Conner, Lindsay (White, J. Adams)
Julio, K. Allen, C. Davis (M. Jones, Sutton, Reynolds)
Hooper (Njoku)
Chargers D

Is it worth dropping Reynolds to stash Foreman for some RB depth?

Anything else I should be targeting? Scoring is standard and Corey Davis is my flex play this week with James White on the bye.

Yeah, you could use some depth at RB. I would do the stash with Foreman.

Reynolds drop? I picked him up to replace Copper but I can’t see a world where I ever realistically use him

It is unlikely you will use Reynolds, he is a speculative add because the Rams do not need to use him at all to steamroll other teams.