Roster Advice Please Guys

What should I do to improve my roster?
12 Team, Standard scoring. 2wr 2rb 1TE 1Flex.
6-2 record and likely to make the playoffs. However, only 7th in total points scored.

QB: Rodgers
RB: Lindsay, Chubb, A Jones, McCoy, Breida, Fournette
WR: AB, MT, Hilton, Edelman, Sutton
TE: Kittle
DST / K: KC / Bailey

I feel like I should use MT (MT+?) to get a RB1. Or perhaps 2 RBs to upgrade 1? I dunno! The league isn’t massively engaged or trade-y but there should still some opportunities.

Thanks in advance!

Honestly, the team is looking pretty nice as is - especially for a 12 team league, considering that Fournette hasn’t played for over half the season so far.

With Fournette coming back hopefully soon, I don’t think you’re in the most dire need of a RB 1, but if you really want, I’d consider holding MT and doing Hilton + (maybe Chubb or Breida for whoever still believes in Breida) for a level up at the RB. Something like Sony, or you can probably get DJ pretty cheap still if you’re able to eat his Bye week.

Thanks Ben, I’ll explore these, with Breida initially. I like him but he’s so fragile. Hilton is on bye which is a negative for trading him this week, so I may have to use Edelman.

Damn ya that’s tough with Hilton on bye, and Edelman in standard leagues is not nearly as valuable as some sort of ppr league. But if you can make that work, hell ya go for it.