Roster Advice Please

I know it has only been 2 weeks but it seems like everyone on my team is falling apart. Larry Fitz in Arizona is a major fail and my RBs have been subpar. Is it too early to start looking for some trades or should I just hope things turn around? It also seems that everyone else’s roster is way better than mine so I think trades would be hard.

Full Re-draft standard 12 team league

To be honest i think you are going to have to sit tight here, AB and Gronk are the two pieces you have that would be of real value and you’d have to get a haul to make it worth while and to be honest even then you would need so much to match their production i don’t think a trade would be easier to agree on.

Depends who is on the wire and trade wise does the Fournette owner have any backup RBs they would swap for Yeldon’s security? Although with Fournette back at practice today and Yeldon out with his ankle the time to trade was probably last week. Whos on the wire, free agent list?

Fitz will bounce back, he’s had rough matchups and crazy play calling which will improve. Davis also not the best matchups but is getting volume and when Mariota is back will improve so you have a solid base for WR1, 2 and 3 each week. Lockett and Allison can be good backups. Hyde may keep that Job all year and is a solid if unexciting RB2 and the same with Miller, you’ve been more unlucky with results in games than having a terrible squad.

Not much left on the waiver wire right now. I usually stream my defense and QB. The Yeldon owner has Latavious Murray and TY Montgomery on his bench right now.

Not much point there, you may have to ride this patch out I’m afraid. There will always be someone that emerges from the wire and people will start dropping players with value soon for injury cover or a big blow up game. Hold tight, most weeks AB and Gronk will keep you in games you just need one of your other guys big performances to go your way instead of your opponents

Very True…thanks for the insight!!