Roster Advice Pls

Should I look to package a couple of WR’s for a backup RB? Very heavy at WR now. Standard scoring

Conner / White (Lindsay, Bell)
Julio / Kupp / K. Allen (Tre’Quan, Sutton, M. Jones)
Njoku (Hooper)
Chargers D

Any advice on the above? Feel like it’s in good shape.

Depends if Bell actually comes back.

I toyed with offerfing him for OJ Howard. Thoughts?

I am in the same boat as I have both Bell and Conner.

Nobody in my league will trade me for Bell right now.

If he doesn’t come back it leaves you with 3 RB and if someone gets hurt might leave you thin.

Might be best to just hold tight then. I would like to get another RB into my team so was considering shopping a Sutton/Jones package about but had no idea what sort of RB that could land me

Take some of the trade value charts online with a grain of salt but that could get you below according to them which are pretty solid.


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Sorry for the bump but Kupp and Bell news doesn’t work in my favour. All of a sudden my deep squad isn’t so deep.

This week my team is,

Conner, Lindsay (White, Bell)
Julio, K. Allen, M. Jones (Tre’Quan, Sutton, Kupp)
Hooper (Njoku)
Chargers D

Any feels on what I need now? Josh Adams available on the waiver and seems the perfect add for Kupp yeah?

My last WR/RB is now not so strong…