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Roster Advice Pls


Should I look to package a couple of WR’s for a backup RB? Very heavy at WR now. Standard scoring

Conner / White (Lindsay, Bell)
Julio / Kupp / K. Allen (Tre’Quan, Sutton, M. Jones)
Njoku (Hooper)
Chargers D

Any advice on the above? Feel like it’s in good shape.


Depends if Bell actually comes back.


I toyed with offerfing him for OJ Howard. Thoughts?


I am in the same boat as I have both Bell and Conner.

Nobody in my league will trade me for Bell right now.

If he doesn’t come back it leaves you with 3 RB and if someone gets hurt might leave you thin.


Might be best to just hold tight then. I would like to get another RB into my team so was considering shopping a Sutton/Jones package about but had no idea what sort of RB that could land me


Take some of the trade value charts online with a grain of salt but that could get you below according to them which are pretty solid.



Sorry for the bump but Kupp and Bell news doesn’t work in my favour. All of a sudden my deep squad isn’t so deep.

This week my team is,

Conner, Lindsay (White, Bell)
Julio, K. Allen, M. Jones (Tre’Quan, Sutton, Kupp)
Hooper (Njoku)
Chargers D

Any feels on what I need now? Josh Adams available on the waiver and seems the perfect add for Kupp yeah?

My last WR/RB is now not so strong…