Roster Advice - Stacked WR Core

Hi, I am playing in a 1/2 Pt PPR 10 team league. I tried the “late QB and TE” strategy at the draft, and ended up relying on Jarwin as my WR1. MY roster is looking a little deep at WR, and I am wondering who I should be looking to move in a trade? Ideally I would target a top end TE, since most of the other managers in my league are rostering 2 TE.

honestly I would go after a waiver wire TE, if any promising ones are available (Fant, Smith, Goedert, Hockinson), and if not I would be comfortable running with Logan smith to see how he pans out. Your team has nice depth at WR and RB and I would try to preserve that depth if possible.

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I agree but I’m guessing if the best you could get is Logan Thomas then Fant and Hockenson aren’t available.

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Yes, Fant and Hock were available but went for 20% FAAB each (I may have been too greedy only bidding 10%). I ended up with Logan as a leftover but like his targets. Generally illogical to me how teams are rostering 2 TE with only a 6 person bench.

At this point it seems like my best move is to wait and snag a TE that gets dropped in the future. I am 1-0, so a tilt trade isn’t necessary (yet) :slight_smile: