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Roster Advice - Team Evaluation


Hey guys. Just wanted to post my team and see if anyone had any recommendations for the year on what I should look for. Feel like I’m only somewhat weak at WR but I’ll let you all decide.

12 team PPR. 1QB, 2RB, 3WR, FLEX, TE, Def, K

Brees, Tyrod
Lev Bell, Jordan Howard, Ezekiel Elliot, Woodhead, CJ Procise
D. Thomas, Diggs, Moncrief, Kenny Britt, Kevin White, Kenny G
Eiffert, OJ Howard
Adam Vinatieri

I was able to keep Howard and grabbed Zeke early in the 3rd. Feel like if I go 4-3 (at worst) until he gets back I’m golden. Also hoping it gets reduced to 4 games. Thoughts?


Very solid team! Whenever Zeke gets back on the field, what I would consider doing is looking for a team who is in need for a RB, and trade say Howard for a solid WR. You have to start 3, so another elite in that spot would solidify that position. And I would agree you ARE golden.


I’d drop Howard and Taylor immediately and get extra depth at WR/ RB. Your starters are very nice. You bench is not. Rostering a backup QB and TE is pointless and unnecessary.

Edit: Should be obvious, but I meant drop O.J. Howard, not Jordan.