Roster Advice++

12 Team | .5 ppr | 6pt Passing TD | IDP Scoring competes with offensive scoring | 10 point bonuses for 200 yds receiving/rushing & 400 yards passing.

Pick this team apart and tell me what you think and what moves I should possibly make / draft choices. I’ve been trying to obtain Zeke from my buddy.

I also have the following picks:

2019 2.09 5.09

2020 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th

2021 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th

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I’ve never done an IDP league, and while I’m comfortable enough with my knowledge of defensive players in general, not knowing how real life relates to IDP scoring makes it tough to call on that front.

… But offensively: Definitely would be trying to upgrade at RB! Not sure if Zeke is the answer, as I’m sure you’ll have to bankrupt your team elsewhere to get him, but first order of business should be to somehow acquire Kalen Ballage.

Secondly, I would be trying to trade Devonta Freeman for draft picks. Same with Allen Robinson. Your team is a little old and injury prone, so I would try to swap out the higher risk guys for picks in order to add a stronger collective of young RBs to take over.

Go after David Montgomery, Miles Sanders, or Josh Jacobs early, then with some 2nd and 3rd rounders target Devin Singletary, Justice Hill, Darwin Thompson, Darrell Henderson, Bryce Love, Ryquell Armstead, etc. I would do everything I can to get younger and add more depth at the position, because right now you’re an injury or benching away from real trouble.

So you think if I tried acquiring 2019 picks and getting some guys now that I could even think about competing or should I instead by looking at 2020 draft picks?

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I’ll just say that for my dynasty philosophy, I never look at it in terms of present or future. Very meta, I know lol. But I only look at it in terms of value. There are guys this year that you can get in the 2nd and 3rd rounds who I’m certain will have far more value by 2020 anyways, so acquiring them is a move that really satisfies both possibilities.

Justice Hill and Devin Singletary are two who will give you almost immediate return on investment. Then for WRs, Diontae Johnson is somebody who I recommend drafting for no other reason than you can get him with a late 2nd or early 3rd now and flip him for a whole lot more later.

I bet you can flip Freeman for quite a bit. Same with A-Rob and even possibly McKinnon. I’m all about clearing out older guys with injury histories for young players who haven’t hit yet, but who I strongly believe in, and using their future stardom to flip again for true top talent.

My bench is littered with young players who I drafted late and waited to emerge. Some I was able to flip for a ton of draft picks, others I’ve kept and put into my own lineup. You’ll never bat a thousand in the draft, but ultimately if you take those chances you will hit big more often than not. Also, it’s the best way to get RBs because when you have to trade for an RB from someone else, you always have to pay a premium. Drafting them is far cheaper!

I gotcha now. So look to flip some older guys right now to get guys in the 2019 draft, some that will help me out now and some that might take a little bit to contribute but while also looking to potentially flip some of them for draft picks next year as well.

I decided to dive into rebuild mode and have already acquired 3 1st round picks for 2020.

Would you trade away Hunt for Carson + 2020 1st?

My 2019 picks are 2.03, 2.09, 3.01, 5.09

Here’s my roster:

Drake , Westbrook, Wilson, and Delanie Walker are about to be gone via trade.