Roster Analysis: Stand pat or upgrade?

I think I’m addicted to looking for potential trades. Always analyzing my league mate’s teams, etc.
Anyways, this is a 12 team full PPR league and I’m looking to take in any strategy, opinion, potential players to shop, etc as this is my League of Record with friends.

Week 6 BYE: Kerryon, Golladay, Ingram, Lutz
2-3 Record

QB: Winston
RB: Cook, Ingram, Yeldon, Kerryon, Henry, Smallwood
WR: OBJ, Landry, Golladay, Godwin, Rodgers
TE: Gronk, Engram
DST: Texans vs BUF
K: Lutz

Normally not trying to roster two TEs but on Gronk’s bye week, Engram plays TB.
Are there any players here I should be trying to package/ move/ shop in order to upgrade other positions?

Looking at some trades I can potentially send out before sleeping.

Really think your team is fine as is. If I could get away from Cook and Yeldon and land a solid #1 RB, I think that’s where I’d focus

Would you pair them with WRs to upgrade at RB or shop those two on their own?

Those 2 on their own. Yeldon is a solid RB on his own for a few weeks. I’d just want to move away from counting on someone that may not be there in getting to the playoffs or playoffs.

I’ll be looking to put out some feelers for these 2 today and see what I come back with.

With this roster, would trading Kerryon for John Brown be beneficial to me ? Or should I give the other owner’s roster to find a better opportunity?