Roster and trade help!

So I’m making my playoff push, currently 6-3 and pretty big favorite this week since I had graham and Baldwin Thursday night. Was considering going after Antonio brown but have my concerns… would it be counterproductive since I have leveon bell or would that be a great stack? My roster is as follows:

QB- Wentz (bye) Tyrod Taylor
RB- Lev Bell, Lesean McCoy, Kareem Hunt (bye), ty mont, Alfred Morris, McFadden
WR- Julio Jones, mike Evans (suspended), Doug Baldwin, Davante Adams, Juju smith-schuster
TE- jimmy Graham
D/ST- Jags
K- Matt Bryant

So my question is should I keep the roster the way it is or attempt to make an upgrade? My opponent with brown is tilting at 4-5 and I was thinking of offering Mike Evans and Alfred Morris for Antonio Brown? Does this trade make sense with me having Bell? Any other players I should look to target or look to move? I’ve made a lot of trades in a 10 team league to get my roster where it is with high quality players with great playoff matchups. Just wondering if anyone had any input on if there is anyone I should target, sell, or just stick with my roster? Also it’s standard scoring 10 team league. Thanks for any input! Big money work league so definitely looking championship or bust

Teams pretty freaking stacked but yeah if you can move Evans and another piece for brown you definitely do it.

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I would try and trade Morris DMC Ju Ju or Adams and flip it for a WR and then pickup Rod Smith for a stash as you are set at running back position-


Also keep an eye on Matt Bryant’s health-I would try and trade him for Legatron the Rams kicker-He is getting up there in age-i would deal him asap if it were me-I moved on from him-

Am moving julio n morris think thats the only move he accepts maybe baldwin n morris but def stash rod smith think he will be more valuable then either back. Love antonio browns playoff schedule


Thank you everyone for the input, and like I said not in dire need to make a move just always looking to improve. As I said I’m playing the team with brown this week so no trade would even be offered until next week. Is there any other wide receiver or running back worth targeting? I feel I’m set at RB and flex from here on out with bell Shady and Hunt locked in, however always open to suggestion!

Any other WR I should target if brown owner won’t move him? I’m definitely willing to move Evans and Or Baldwin/ Juju, Morris McFadden or ty mont. I do love Julio and Evans playoff schxedule tho

I like Crabtree and alshon jeffery

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Mike Evans hasn’t done much this year-I think that team is cursed and I moved on from Doug Martin as well-must be the hard knocks HBO curse-

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The Antonio brown owner actually has alshon as well, who would be much cheaper for me to acquire… with my roster what do you think would be a fair offer that could benefit me, as well as make my tilting league mate feel it’s worth it to trade Jeffery?

Mike evans n juju/morris for jeffery but i would have to see his team to give a better opinion. If he is smart he will wait til after this week to get a better look at morris value. I still think you go hard after brown with julio n morris but jeffery is not a bad pick up either. Hunt for jeffery prolly gets it done but dont really really like that for your depth. Same with hunt n juju for brown. You need juju n morris to ball out then things will swing in your favor

That’s kinda what I’m hoping for and I most likely will keep my core RBs of Bell, Hunt and Shady. I do think If Morris balls out I could get brown for Evans and Morris maybe throw in Juju too if he has a good game. I’m hoping brown has a “down week” so I can buy a little lower on him and juju/Morris have great weeks paired with Evans. What do you think of the outlook of Browns playoff schedule against someone like Julio or Evans? And also in adding brown, is there any concern of rolling both him and bell out there every week? Since it would be a Steelers stack?

Brown is bout to ballout this week but we can all hope. I think between bad offense play n injuries scare me of julio. He has good schedule but id rather have him then julio. Baldwin has ongoing groin injury n alittle tougher schedule but people seem to say not to hopefully you win the chip with this trade


I would try and get something out of Reed if ya could-Maybe Brate etc-Somebody may bite on his name alone-