Roster clog

My LOR has 3 guys on my bench in limbo. They’re all Chiefs.
Sammy Squatkins
DeMarcus Robinson
Darrell Williams*(I have no idea…smh)
Any opinions appreciated

I mean if your just looking for a handcuff and thats why williams is there id see if mattison or malcolm brown is available over him as for the other two maybe watkins has value but as long as hill is back it most likely wont be a robinson show anytime soon. Hope that helps at all

Thank you for responding. You make a good point about Williams. I’m just chasing that offense and he has to get through 2 people for relevance. But what do you really think I should do about the other 2? I have solid starters and bench besides them. 4th place. I don’t want to just drop two guys so explosive with huge upside. But they’re too volatile to try and deal. Should I look at Pringle. These Chiefs have been driving me insane all year

So i still have robinson on my bench waiting to see how hill looks i think id stay away from pringle as it is right now. and you might be able to get a trade for watkins if he has another good game. Id try and move him if you could

@dbmville thanks man. Good to hear that outside of my head for once. And Pringle would be the 4th I chased. That would probably blow up in my face too

No worries. Feel the same way when i get a response and someone else’s thought process to weigh against. Glad to help

Thank you brother. Good luck this week :muscle: