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Roster Construction - Late QBs


12 team standard redraft league. I’m looking at targeting someone like a Dalton/Stafford/Rivers (in that 8-12 range) in the 10th round or so.

Would you take a 2nd QB later (like a Wentz) at the draft or just go with the 1 QB and pick someone up if needed later in the season?

I generally subscribe to the “1 QB” roster construction.

Thanks footclan!!


I almost never take a second QB.


Not a fan of taking a second QB. Go for a high upside WR or RB instead.

I’ve got a keeper question if you don’t mind weighing in?


Ehhhh, I am still on the fence about this idea of 2 QBs.

However, if your gut tells you that a late round or undrafted QB is worth the risk, then you should jump on it.

Think of it this way: What amount of your FAAB will you have to pay if you guessed wrong? If the QB has a hot hand, then you can kiss that FAAB goodbye. Meanwhile, the lotto ticket you took busts and you have nothing to show for it.

Sometimes a collector’s mindset does help in certain situations. If you have to pick between a RB6 and a potential QB1, then I’d jump on it.


Thanks!! I generally never do, but figured I’d throw the question out there to see if I was alone or in the majority.

And of course. I’m keeping Gilly at a 10. I know the guys got him as a Tier 4 RB now (and that may drop) but I think there’s higher upside with Gilly and I’d rather start a draft with an RB2 than a WR2-3.


You’re welcome bro! Good luck this year and thanks for the thoughts on Gilly!